partnersuche lauterbach I am getting ‘skin in the game’. I am setting up a new provider, Wellbeing Teams, and I am going through the process of registering with CQC. I will personally be the Registered Manager, if CQC accept me after my interview in a weeks time. I am still part of H S A, and will still be speaking at conferences and working with the team towards the same vision. I now want to demonstrate, in practice, what one-page profiles, person-centred reviews, person-centred teams, care and support planning and Working Together for Change, can actually look like in teams supporting people living at home. My plan is to start in home care, and also look to supporting families and people with learning disabilities, and people using mental health services, as well as within primary care.

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here Pay people more. That is what everyone seems to say. I don’t underestimate the impact of pay, but in this blog I want to explore some of the other issues that are also worth paying attention to.


http://senslite.com.tw/?alergolog=nicola-cavalieri-opzioni-digitali&7ae=e2 An established home care organisation in London asked me to help them improve their service. One of the issues they faced was getting and retaining great staff. We looked at why.

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