Last updated: 3rd July

I am using this page, to share what I am working on now, in no particular order:

1) Sprints 

I am working with three organisations supporting them to do 8 week sprints based on the work of Aaron Dignan, We use his cards to help teams identify what is getting in the way of them doing their best work. Then we suggest different practices that might help, and coach them to implement these over 8 weeks. We track change through data and stories, and celebrate changes and learning at the end of the sprint. 

2) Podcasting 

I am getting back into weekly podcasting, and this week I talked about Black Lives Matters and diversity with one of the Wellbeing Advisors, Angela Clarke who supports the Wellbeing Teams in Thurrock. 

3) Circle Family

I am directly supporting a family to test out new ways of working, and linking this to Equal Care Co-ops innovations. 

What I am reading:

  • Brave New Work by Aaron Dignan (again)
  • Daring Leadership by Brene Brown (again)

This now page was inspired by reading about Now pages from Michal Novak’s blog, based on Derek Sivers Now page. Thank you.