Last updated: 8th July

I am using this page, to share what I am working on now, in no particular order:

1) Coaching in self-management

In our first Wellbeing Teams in Wigan and oxfordshire we had a member of the National Team (me, Michelle, Mary) in the role of Wellbeing Leader who coaches and supports self-management. In Thurrock we are supporting the new Wellbeing Leaders in self-management and we need to develop and improve how we do this. I am now co-coaching a team (outside of Wellbeing Teams) with Susan Basterfield to learn from her, and have signed up for Holacracy coaches training this year. I talk about this here

2) Podcasting 

I am trying to improve my technical skills in editing podcasts and record one or two a week. Last week I had the joy of talking to the inspiring Emma Back from Equal Care Co-op.

3) Circle Family

We are getting started with our Big Lottery funded 2 year project called Circle Family. This is based in Abingdon and brings together the work of HMR Circle, Community Circles and Wellbeing Teams. It is based on Hilary Cottam’s book Radical Help, Experiement Number 5.

4) The Health Foundation and health and care ‘Out Loud’ 

Inspired by John Stepper’s Working Out Loud I am hosting a 6 week introduction to what connecting and sharing out loud looks like in health and care. This is the film from our first session together.

What I am reading:

  • Brave New Work by Aaron Dignan
  • Daring Leadership by Brene Brown

Where I am sharing or presenting:

This now page was inspired by reading about Now pages from Michal Novak’s blog, based on Derek Sivers Now page. Thank you.