Last updated: 13th January

This year I am focusing on three work areas, and my five ways to wellbeing. Here is my blog and short film describing this in more detail. I am using this page, to share what I am working on now, in no particular order:

1) Wellbeing Teams 

We are advertising for colleagues for the teams in Doncaster, Devon and Dumfries at the moment. I am working on an animated version of the advert today. We are using lean startup processes to test different adverts, and I have a learning session with colleagues today, testing a particular process. I am meeting with commissioners in Greater Manchester to explore possibilities. From Monday my focus will be on the paperwork. I am doing a series of blogs on values in relation to Wellbeing Teams with Jackie LeFevre.

2) Podcasting

I am doing my first podcast recording on Monday with a colleague from Australia who has been supporting organisations to develop self-managed teams.

3) Community Circles

I am looking at our financial model in relation to Wellbeing Teams this week.

4) Care Homes

I am doing a course with Jane Hart to make sure that our new Care Homes offer reflects best practice in Modern Workplace Learning.

5) Stained Glass 

I am looking forward to my weekend course doing a window panel with my friend Tracey, in Bristol


What I am reading:

  • The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday
  • Stewardship by Peter Block

Where I am sharing or presenting:

  • 14th January ADASS and TLAP conference on Alternatives to Home care
  • 26th January ADASS event on Health and Wellbeing

This now page was inspired by reading about Now pages from Michal Novak’s blog, based on Derek Sivers Now page. Thank you.