Last updated: 30th January  

I am using this page, to share what I am working on now, in no particular order:

1) Wellbeing Teams and CQC

We had our CQC inspection earlier this month and I am waiting for the report. Last week I was part of CQC’s Coproduction meeting at their HR. Delighted with the recognition of self-managment and our quality processes.

2) Wellbeing Teams in Thurrock

We are recruiting to the teams next week. This pilot is exciting because it is integrating health and care.  I talk about it here. 

3) Exploring Technology

I am delighted that we have ageed a partnership with My Sense AI and I am having conversations with them about how we can demonstrate the potential with our teams in Wigan.

What I am reading:

  • The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
  • Turn the Ship Around! L. David Marguet (for the second time!)
  • Playing Big by Tara Mohr

Where I am sharing or presenting:

  • February 13th –  Care Home Conference in Salford
  • April – Patient Centred Care in Sydney, Australia

This now page was inspired by reading about Now pages from Michal Novak’s blog, based on Derek Sivers Now page. Thank you.