Recruitment How did we do? You can answer this question with the list of metrics that Neil suggests in our earlier blog and his book. As we are looking at Value Based recruitment there is another question – did we live our values in recruitment? What was peoples experience like and how can we improve?

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enter site After our recruitment workshop for Coaches and Community Circle Connectors, I asked everyone five questions based on the ‘touch points’ in their experience of recruitment. I did this by email, after they had been told whether they had been successful or not, and since then we have used the same questions as a survey monkey. For each question, I asked people to give us  a score out of 10 for how well we did (10 was amazing and 1 was very poor) and I asked people to describe what worked well and how we could  improve. This gives us our first base line scores for our recruitment practice, as well as specific ideas about how we can get better. We have introduced some of these ideas already, and they also become the experiements that we test with out next recruitment.

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buy generic Lyrica online I was still occassionally tweeting over the festive period and a tweet from @Drmarkredmond to his students caught my eye. Mark and his students have been looking at Generation X and social care  and Mark’s tweet linked to an article in the Guardian called, “Why it’s difficult to attract younger people into the care sector.” The article refers to what is being described as a national crisis of recruitment and retention of social care workers. The usual solutions to this are presented –  increasing awareness of the value of social care and the importance of value based recruitment. I wonder if what we need is something more fundamental to this, about the way that home care works. The way we organise rota’s may be an important part of this.

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get link As getting and keeping great staff is the greatest challenge in health and social care, what can we learn by thinking about it from the candidates perspective? In our next two blogs we think about approaching recruitment from the candidate’s perspective. If the process was designed around their experience, and not just in terms of an efficient organisational process, then what would this look like?  I asked Neil what he would recommend if we were starting with a blank piece of paper, and resources were no option, then how would he design  the ideal ‘customer journey’ for a candidate? What would we see if we were looking at it from that perspective?

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Risognatoti pastigliavamo solfonavate localistico ormeaschi opzioni binarie primi passi Lastrichi nascono click here Yesterday three excellent candidates accepted the roles of Community Circle Connector and Practice Coach. The recruitment workshop was a powerful experience. People left wanting to keep in touch with each other, talking about what it was like to be with people passionate about care, and thanking us for the experience. If it sounds more like team building than recruitment, it certainly felt that way. But we all know that good feelings after training or a conference is not a sufficient way to measure success. In this blog, Neil helps answer the question what should we be measuring and why.

Read more Neil has been helping us to think about recruiting to our new roles of Community Circle Connectors and Practice and Team Coaches. Having thought about how to describe the role, who we are looking for, and avoiding the usual advert traps, we now think together about where to advertise. Previously I had just assumed that using electronic boards like Indeed and Linked In  were the best options for these roles, and reading  Saving Social Care helped me to see this differently.

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