Saving Social Care – in practice

Saving Social Care is the book I wish I had written. As I didn’t, I am very grateful that Neil did. I thought we were doing well with recruitment, as we were finalist for our Values Based Recruitment for the 2016/17 Skills for Care Accolades but Neil’s book showed me how much further we can go.

We did a full day ‘book club’ with the Wellbeing Advisors team, to look at each chapter, and to reflect on what this means for recruiting Wellbeing Teams. We made a few films to summarise our thinking about it. Now we have two opportunities to put this into practice.

First of all, we are recruiting three Community Circle Connectors, and a Practice Coach for the new teams in Wigan, in partnership with our colleagues in Making Space. Once these roles have been filled, we will be recruiting teams of Wellbeing Workers, and this gives us our second opportunity. In this series of ten blogs, Neil and I will share what we are trying, how this went, and what we learned. We have also been working with leading values expert Jackie leFevre, and we will share her influence on our thinking about values in recruitment.

Before we get started, I wanted Neil to have the opportunity to introduce himself, and why, his organisation is called Sticky People. Neil – what is all the stickiness about?

Neil: Thanks Helen. Yes, a great place to start! Well, my original premise for the company was to offer tools and methods to address the poor retention of frontline care staff, in other words: ‘how do we make staff stick?’ So, ‘Sticky People’ seemed like a memorable name. Of course, as I now know, recruitment is one of the major influencers of retention rates, and we provide recruitment tools and advice, so perhaps it needs to be renamed. Also, most receptionists phone my meeting hosts with ‘It’s Neil from Sticky Fingers to see you’. Oh well.

So, that’s the story behind the name. My interest in this topic stems from about eight years ago when I took my first social care role, coming from the healthcare sector. My jaw dropped when I saw the staff turnover rates that the sector put up with. That made me decide to do what I could to find solutions from around the world to support beleaguered employers. I am still doing that. My book, Saving Social Care, tries to bring together much of the best practice I discovered on my travels in a simple to read and practical format.

The book seems to have hit a chord with care providers so I am really pleased to get an opportunity like this to contribute some of the findings and work with Helen and the team to see how this can work in practice. 

If you haven’t read the book yet, you can get it here

I was delighted when Neil agreed to work with me on this series of joint blogs as we go step by step through our recruitment and induction processes, and share what we are doing, trying and learning. I will post each week, and please post any questions you would specifically like us to cover and we will try and answer these too.

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